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Title : Convertible Notes - Alternative Means for Start Ups to Raise Finance
Topic : Convertible Notes - Alternative Mean for Start Ups to Raise Finance
Date & Day : 03-05-2023 to 03-05-2023
Time : 18:30
Venue : Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bahrain
Faculty : Benjamin O'Brien-Mc Queenie, Camille Geadah, Fajer Al Pachachi, Dalal Buhiji, Dr. Jarmo Kotilaine, Dalal Al Qais, Hassan Haider, Adnan Yousif
CPE Hrs. : 3
Registration Fees: Covered as a part of Annual Membership fees paid by BCICAI Members
Registration Date: 23-04-2023 To 02-05-2023
Description :

Convertible Notes are debt instruments that provide startups with a simpler, cheaper and faster means of raising capital and Bahrain is first in the GCC to introduce regulations relating to them. With varied options for funding available, it has encouraged the generation of innovative ecosystem and empowerment of new growth for locally registered start-up businesses and SMEs.

BCICAI in collaboration with the Bahrain Accountants Association (BAA) and in co-ordination with the Economic Development Board (EDB) is organising a Seminar on Convertible Notes - Alternative Means for Start Ups to Raise Finance. The seminar will entail 3 panel discussions that will cover an Overview of Convertible Notes and Legal Perspective, a look into the perspective of Ecosystem Developers and then those of the Investors.

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