CA. Santhosh TV

Bahrain chapter of ICAI

I thank the members of the Bahrain Chapter of ICAI for giving us the opportunity to serve the profession, which has given us enormous benefits. The vision, dedication, and hard work of our legendary leaders since the inception of the Chapter in 1985 has ensured that the Bahrain Chapter of ICAI is one of the most vibrant and well-respected Overseas Chapters of ICAI. It is a great honor for me and my team to take over the management of the Chapter with such a great legacy and rich history of excellence. As the Chairperson of the Executive Committee, I assure you that my team and I will strive to unleash the potential of the Chapter, for the benefit of all the members as well as the benefit of the Bahrain community at large.

"Unleashing the potential" is selected as the theme for the year 2021-22 since the pandemic has transformed us into a new way of living. We have adopted a new order for living and working. Bahrain Chartered Accountants community has a lot of potential in the changing world. The focus for the year is to unleash the potential of BCICAI.

Allow me to brief you all on the areas identified by the team to unleash the potential of BCICAI. The areas are classified into four major segments:-

1. Members' benefit is our main attention this year, just like every other year. We will organize events that will help members to achieve their professional and personal objectives.
2. BCICAI extended family is our next priority. The overall well-being of each member of the family of BCICAI is our priority. We will conduct events focused on family members of BCICAI.
3. The Indian community is our next focus since we can contribute a lot towards the overall well-being of Indians in Bahrain.
4. Bahraini community-focused educational programs are another area that we intend to prioritize. This year we are aiming to create educational programs which can help local youth attain the required skills in Accounting and IT.

We Chartered Accountants are well respected in society. Let us shift our gear and make Chartered Accountants, well recognized in Bahrain society. To move up the ladder from respect to recognition we need to make a larger impact on society with our active contribution. To make our plans a reality, I appeal, all the members to come forward and actively participate in the initiatives of the Chapter. The current challenges of economy and health can be overcome, only by working together and supporting each other.

I invite all the members of BCICAI and the Bahrain community at large to join hands with us to unleash the untapped potential.

CA. Santhosh TV

Bahrain chapter of ICAI