CA. Sridhar Seethapathy


I am often reminded of a quote by John F Kennedy, 'To those whom much is given, much is expected.'

After schooling and tertiary education, we have all taken up this profession that places us in a position of trust, and the training, analytical skills and experience that we have acquired afford us the privilege of knowledge. It is incumbent upon us to use this knowledge to plough back into our ever growing society, high ethical and professional standards of our profession.

The theme for the year is "Seek Beyond Eminence".
Professional CAs are now moving out of the normal boundaries of simple digits and numbers seeking more dynamic roles. Exploring other areas by integrating the same with professionalism makes the CAs stand out.

Seeking Beyond Eminence enhances the potential, power, capacity and capability taking us upward from mere knowledge acquiring to reaching out to our true potential and it can become a stimuli to help us grow personally and professionally too.

With the signing of MoU by ICAI and BIBF, this year heralds a significant milestone in the annals of CA history that would entail both the organizations to work together in tandem to strengthen the accounting, financial and audit knowledge base in Bahrain.

This year also marks the beginning of Platinum Jubilee celebrations of ICAI and further BCICAI steps into 20th year of its operation this year.

Year after year the executive committees have catapulted the image of our chapter to greater heights and my new team is ready to leave no stone unturned to propel our chapter further from the aeon of redefined pinnacle and decoded excellence to an era of transcended eminence.

What more we need! Let us unite, work together and embark on a new array of eminence.

CA. Sridhar Seethapathy

Bahrain chapter of ICAI
Seek Beyond Eminence