CA. Uday Shanbhag


The word "Chartered Accountant" today is identified with values such as ethics, professionalism, expertise, perseverance and value system which is an inseparable part of the society that has witnessed a sustained change, growth and development. A CA not only has responsibility towards its profession but also towards the society in general to make it more adaptive and conducive to the ever-changing and ever-challenging world around us by always pushing the bar higher and redefining the pinnacle.

Our Alma Mater, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, has instilled in us the values which we need to uphold wherever we are. In fact, it is because of these values we are able to succeed and strive in every field and sector we have ventured into, irrespective of geography and demography of the societies we live in.

Excellence is a by-product of teamwork, an offspring of dedication and an offshoot of professionalism. We strongly believe that, we will demonstrate all these and decrypt excellence for the benefit of our members.

We believe that excellence is not achieved by performing extraordinary things, rather performing ordinary things in an extraordinary way. To unlock excellence, we will make determined efforts in every aspect of what we will do and expand upon many years of hard work put in by our predecessors.

The master key to Decode the Excellence is you the members, as it's only with your support, we can achieve the BCICAI goals. We are sure you will extend your generous support towards the betterment of our chapter. A lot has been done over the years and a lot needs to be done to enhance the image of the profession. I am sure that I along with my team will be able to deliver and exceed your expectations in the upcoming term and propel BCICAI to a higher level.

The past torch bearers of the BCICAI have taken the Bahrain Chapter to new heights and every year the bar has been raised higher. The executive committee for 2017-18 is committed to deliver more.

Come, let us dedicate ourselves in the constant this search of excellence, energize ourselves to work harder towards our goals and push ourselves to become better than what we are today by decoding the excellence.

CA. Uday Shanbhag

Bahrain chapter of ICAI
Excellence Decoded